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Top Places to Retire

Considering Moving After The Pandemic? Check Out These Locations

While it seems like the pandemic is nearing an end with most adults in the United States in line to be vaccinated by May, a lot of people are making long-term life decisions. The decision to retire, to move to another state, to move out of the country, to go back to school, etc. are all on the minds of individuals ready to restart. Of these initiatives, one of the most surprising things economists have noticed is the propensity for older individuals to retire and move.

So, where are retirees planning to move?

Sarasota, Florida

At the top of the list sits the gulf community of Sarasota, Florida. Known for its beachfront condos and high rise waterfront properties, Sarasota is a destination for luxury retirement. Not only will you be front and center of the beautiful beach, you’ll also be in close proximity to shopping, dining and Florida’s wonderful weather.

The average prices in Sarasota start at $750,000, so it’s definitely the spot for a luxury retiree.

Seattle, Washington

If you’ve lived in the south for your entire life, you might welcome a breath of fresh air in Seattle, Washington. Although it’s known for a bustling tech economy, many retirees are finding a new home along the Puget Sound. Like Sarasota, Seattle can be expensive, but it presents a lot of opportunity for anyone looking to move here. You’ll have fishing at your fingertips, a number of nature trails, shopping, dining and more.

The average price in Seattle starts at $800,000, however, you’ll find much more square footage in properties here.

Saratoga Springs, Utah

While it may seem like an unlikely destination for retirees, Utah has become home to many individuals from places like California and Texas. Utah offers its 55+ retirees a bit more of a relaxed lifestyle with easy access to hiking, biking, trails and gorgeous sites to see. Residents of a Saratoga Springs active adult community will be in close locality to Salt Lake City (the capital) with just a short drive to Moab and beautiful national parks.

Average prices of homes in Saratoga Springs are $550,000. All things considered, it’s not a bad price to pay to enjoy your retirement.

Jackson, Wyoming

On state north of Utah is Wyoming. As a premier destination for skiing and horseback riding, Jackson is one of the top places in the country for people to move to after they retire. Living in Jackson put its residents in a beautiful spot with relatively short drives to Idaho, Montana and Colorado. If you enjoy skiing or any winter sights and sounds, Wyoming should be at the top of your list.

The average cost of a home in Jackson is $450,000. However, the cost of living in Wyoming is much more friendly compared to other locations.

Tellico Lake, Tennessee

Hey, you’re the only “Ten I See!” is what residents of this retirement community say. Located directly on a lake with a beautiful backdrop only Tennessee can offer, this 55+ community is ideal for those who want to be near a big city like Knoxville, but enjoy a quiet country lifestyle.

Because it’s such a new development, it’s best to contact a Tellico Lake real estate agent to find the best prices in this community.

Thinking Ahead

If retirement is on your mind and you’re considering moving out of state, consider what you want out of retirement and decide if any of these locations fit your needs. Most importantly, enjoy your retirement – you’ve worked hard your entire life, take a break and enjoy the fresh air from now on.

4 Business Types Thriving In Denver

Although we had one of the roughest years ever for our economy in 2020, certain cities in the United States experienced major changes. And some of these economical changes occurred in a positive way.

From Miami to San Francisco, various business types thrived and helped improve the economy. Things still aren’t where they were before the pandemic began, but some business types are finding ways to succeed.

Of the improved local economies, Denver, CO is showing growth in 4 distinct business types.

Personal Injury Law

People drove less in 2020, but accidents still happened. Collisions involving automobiles, motorcycles and pedestrians continued to grow throughout the Mile High City despite statewide stay-at-home orders. For this reason, work for personal injury lawyers in Denver grew too.

One personal injury attorney for CO Injury Law told us,

Automobile accidents increased during the pandemic. Many people quarantined and drove less compared to previous years, but we still identified an increase in vehicle collisions and automobile-related deaths in 2020.


As suspected and related to car accidents, chiropractors experienced an increase in work too. But many chiropractors noted they found growth in existing patients who found more time for routine, weekly visits. As people have more time to address their pain management, chiropractic care has been integrated more into health routines.

Chiropractors in Denver had limited exposure to patients during the first few months of the pandemic, but quickly figured out ways to make their practices clean and safe to accommodate patients.

Business & Contract Law

Contrary to many cities in the United States, a lot of new businesses opened their doors in 2020 in Colorado. Because of this, lawyers who operate in business establishment law saw sizable growth. These Colorado business lawyers establish entities as proprietorships, LLCs or corporations and file all the necessary paperwork with the county clerk.

And as expected, courts were also busy filing paperwork on their end. New business licenses will likely continue into 2021 as more Denver-based businesses open, keeping attorneys occupied.

Web Design & SEO

Lastly, businesses who operate in the digital space experienced exponential growth in the last year. Business owners had more time to review their websites and online marketing plans, and came up with a variety of changes. Denver SEO businesses were able to maintain growth during the pandemic by bringing on more and more businesses online.

Likewise, web designers were busy creating new websites for businesses or handling maintenance for them. The average number of managed hours by agencies in Denver went up by 15%.

Keep An Eye Out In 2021

With the recent swings in the market, it’s reasonable to think real estate and mortgages will experience a lot of changes in the coming year. We’ll likely see more businesses develop a digital presence too, having websites built and pursuing new online market tactics to accommodate a new way to do business; this will be especially true of restaurants adopting new delivery methods.

Finally, it’s also worth noting medical positions are on a steady rise with the state of Colorado needed more nurses than ever before. This trend will of course continue in the new year.

What business types have you seen thrive in your local area? Let us know in the comments.

3 Tips to Know Following A Car Accident

From a small fender bender to a head-on collision, automobile accidents are never a good thing. And immediately following a car accident, there’s so much to consider that your head might be spinning. When you’ve been involved in an accident, your number one concern should be your health. But then you have to consider insurance, if you need to see your primary care physician and what you need to do about your vehicle.

Here are three tips you should consider if you are ever involved in a wreck.

1. Check To See Everyone Is Okay

Whether you caused the accident or not, it’s important to make certain everyone is okay. First, check your surroundings to be sure you are safe to exit your vehicle. Look for any other cars that have stopped following your accident. If it hurts to move, stay put and call 911. If you are able to move no problem, get out of your car and check on the other vehicle operator. Depending on the extent of the damage, the other operator may be injured and you’ll need to call for help right away.

Once you have verified the health and well-being of everyone, it’s time to exchange insurance.

2. Exchange Auto Insurance

Again, whether you caused the accident or not, you’ll need to exchange insurance information with the other driver. It’s best to let insurance companies handle the details of a car accident and they can provide you protection. If the operator of the other vehicle in the accident refuses to provide their insurance information, you’ll need to consider hiring a personal injury attorney in your area. They can help you figure out what the damage to your vehicle is actually worth.

Exchange insurance information with the other driver and go about your way.

3. Seek Medical Help

If you feel you have sustained injuries as a result of a car accident, you’ll want to consult with your doctor or chiropractor as soon as possible. If you are not already seeing a chiropractic professional for other reasons, a car accident is certainly a reason to meet with one. They’ll help address any issues you’re feeling following your car accident. Should the accident be a lot more serious, you could end up requiring surgery or a lengthy hospital stay. Your doctor will evaluate you and let you know how serious your condition is.

It’s important to consider your long-term care too. A car accident may leave lasting effects in your neck, back and possibly even your vision. Addressing these issues as soon as possible will allow you to resolve them quicker.

Other Considerations

These are just a few tips to consider after an automobile accident. If you have trouble with your car insurance, it could be time to consider a new insurance provider. And if your pain management after a car accident doesn’t seem to be diminishing, it could be time to consider trying CBD for pain management.

Finally, if the other driver is showing any type of aggression following an accident, you’ll want to consider calling your local police department or highway patrol to help resolve the situation.