Going Eco-Friendly In 2021

Going Eco-Friendly In 2021

A new year brings new resolutions like losing weight, exercising more, getting outside more and making interior design decisions. A recent trend in the interior design world is to use ec0-friendly products that are created with the environment in mind.

From using materials that are sourced in environmentally friendly ways to making sure that the light source of a light fixture is using efficient LEDs, you’ll find that earth friendly design is now a very popular choice. And from retailers like IKEA to Wayfair, the decision to be eco-friendly is definitely preferred among consumers.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

While most furniture designs are made from a wood structure, where that wood is sourced is a critical piece of it being earth-friendly. For example, the Vermont-based furniture manufacturer Copeland Furniture finds all of its maple and other lumber from local Vermont forests and uses ethical practices in transforming the lumber into modern furniture designs.

Likewise, Minnesota’s Loll Designs uses recycled milk jugs to craft its line of outdoor and patio furniture. Although its made from milk jugs, the material is extremely durable, weather resistant and cost effective.

Try to find furniture designs for your home that use ethically and environmentally-sourced materials.

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Like furniture, lighting fixtures are now being designed to incorporate earth-friendly elements too. From the source of the materials to the way the fixture is actually illuminated, you’ll find recycling is evident, as is a strict responsibility for energy efficiency.

Just take Australian designer David Trubridge for example — each pendant light in his collection is made from ethically sourced bamboo or aluminum (depending on the fixture). He further adds to its eco-friendly nature by illuminating the fixture with an LED bulb. It’s environmentally responsible, sustainable, it helps save people money on energy costs and it’s very inspiring.

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From ceiling lamps to portable fixtures, you’ll find plenty of eco-friendly designs.

Eco-Friendly Accessories

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the smaller decorative elements throughout your home. Use recycled materials to efficiently decorate your home. Paper weights, bookends, kitchen essentials and the like can all be made from eco-friendly designs.

The Environmental Impact

By choosing these environmentally friendly products in 2021, you contribute to the overall health of the earth. It may seem small buying an eco-friendly product here and there, but it goes a long way in helping preserve certain resources. And even if you’re not ready to redesign with new products, you can do your part today by switching to using LED bulbs in your lights.

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