How to Create a Local Presence Online


How to Create a Local Presence Online

For local businesses, having a presence online is a must. However, it’s a key piece of marketing that requires a strong return on investment as well. Thankfully, in 2021, there are several online resources to help businesses just getting started that want to improve their online presence. Below are some of the top ways a small business can develop a local presence.

Get a Website

Whether you have a web developer build a site or you choose a templated site from a big web company, it’s vital for your business to have a website. Consider a website like your online business card – this is where you can make an impression on customers and talk about yourself in a brief way. You’ll also use the website as the vehicle to answer common questions about your business and its services.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool offered by the world’s largest search engine to help businesses get online. This tool is easy to sign up with, allows you to showcase your services, list business hours, provide your phone number to new customers and more. And what’s especially important is that a Google My Business profile will allow you to come up in localized searches. For instance, searching for “Yuba City Chiropractor” pulls up Google My Business profiles for chiropractors in that specific area.


Facebook is another platform that allows businesses to create pages for free. While the Facebook platform is not as easy to use as Google, it does provide a lot of the same benefits. Here you will be able to provide your business’s information, respond to questions from customers and post things going on with your business. You’ll also have a spot to list your address, which is critical for defining your location.

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BONUS: Once you have a Facebook Business page set up, you’ll be able to quickly launch ads in Facebook’s advertising platform.


Just like Google My Business and Facebook, Yelp is another review-driven platform you can use to showcase your business’s information. People tend to think of Yelp as a place for customers to leave negative reviews, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, over 80% of Yelp’s collected reviews from customers are positive. More importantly, you’ll be able to list your business hours, phone number and any other information you want customers to find.


Although Nextdoor is not available everywhere, it another great localized platform where it is available. Just like the other platforms mentioned here, Nextdoor will allow you to create a business page with all of the key details for your business. However, unlike these platforms, Nextdoor has a hyper-local audience you can interact with. You’ll find questions from neighbors near you that you can easily respond to. Turn questions into answers, then turn those people into customers.

BONUS: Nextdoor also offers low-cost advertising programs. You’ll be able to advertise in your neighborhood to customers already looking for businesses like yours.

Final Thoughts

Getting your business online in 2021 is easy. Many platforms have made it simple to develop a presence and attach your business to a local service area. You just have to be able to set up a few profiles and you’ll be on your way.

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