How I Turned $400 to $1.3 Million | Dropshipping Success Story

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How I Turned $400 to $1.3 Million | Dropshipping Success Story

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After $1.3 Million in revenue made, 15 countries traveled, and over 180+ students…this is my story. Just a kid from the projects. FREE Step-by-Step 👉🏿

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About me : Welcome to my channel. I am a 23-year-old entrepreneur . I went from a broke college graduate living in the projects of Harlem to generating 7- figures with my ecommerce stores in the past two years. I got into dropshipping straight out of college after struggling to find a job and I’ve been fortunate enough to get really good at social media marketing. I started my program to help people like me who come from less fortunate situations see success for very little startup money. I teach marketing strategies, ecommerce tips, and things I’ve learned along this crazy journey. Connect with me if you have questions

If you’re born poor it’s not your fault,
If you die poor it’s all your fault



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  1. Grin Beatz

    Just joined the Bootcamp 2.0!!!

  2. tarik k

    Appreciate the video, you dropped some gems bro. Motivated me to “just start”! I’ve thought about it for months, and thinking about it makes you no dough lol. Thanks again, new subscriber here 🙋🏽‍♂️

  3. Grizzlyx9


  4. Abz

    Hey I’m from the UK, is it possible to do drop shipping there.

  5. Say. Houdini

    I would invest into more business

  6. DerekHD

    Are you able to do this with Graphic Designing I have major talent and create cover art for artist, I just need advice.. what boost do I have to do to be were you are doing graphics?

  7. Dr Willow- D TV

    Are you from west africa blood diamond. Camara/kamara.

  8. Jeffrey Hooper

    I wanted to come back on this comment thread and talk about my results. I was broke af over thanksgiving. To the point where my sister gave me gas money to drive the 4hours back to my college town. I launched my Shopify store this morning at 8am & on my mother’s grave I kid you not I’ve made $580 today. My very first day. All that’s racing in my head is how my life is about to change financially and how I won’t have to struggle anymore.

    I’m a marketing student and I used what I learned about emotional appeal in class and created a video for my ad, and got an influencer to share it on Instagram. If it wasn’t for watching this video I wouldn’t have even thought about seriously trying dropshipping so thankyou so much. You don’t know what this means for me and I’m still going to buy your course so I can be even better.

  9. Dante Williams

    10k I’d reinvest into your brand and business motto

  10. Ishaan Sharma

    Hi camara
    I live in india
    Will dropshipping from india to different countries be successful??
    India is not yet grown in dropshipping

  11. shush 679

    i would help my mother and the rest of family with that money. I would send money to my family abroad so that they can go higher in education.

  12. Roger's Reviews

    With an extra $10,000 a month I would give most of it away to the poor.

  13. 3 S MASTER

    Ok I got 4hunnid I’m ready

  14. Isheanesu Trevor Muchanyangi

    Has the Winner been chosen yet ?, lol … With 10K a month ill set aside 20% of the funds to start an e comerce training center where ill groom young people about the digital era , currently ive been doing forex trading online and for me profits have been difficult to get , im looking to venture into a new business online

  15. Gate to future


  16. Grace Hagan

    🇸🇱 😘

  17. fanta Jallow

    Mohamed I am also camara from África please reply me i want to talk with you

  18. Tajay Greenwood

    Keep grinding bro .

  19. Jabari Belfon

    Seeing him where that jersey really a distract ….visca el barca❤💙

  20. Francis Megafu

    Could you please teach me or coach me how to become like this?


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