How To Run A Facebook Marketing Agency Step-By-Step For Beginners

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How To Run A Facebook Marketing Agency Step-By-Step For Beginners

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How To Run A Facebook Marketing Agency Step-By-Step For Beginners (2019)

Have you ever wanted to see behind the scenes of how Facebook marketing agencies run ad campaigns for their clients?

In this video I’ll break down a local business case study and show you exactly how to run your social media marketing agency for new clients if you’re starting completely from scratch.

I’ll break down the whole strategy and draw it out for you step by step.

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  1. Jason Wardrop

    thoughts on this case study style video? drop a comment below and let me know if it helped! 🙂

  2. Mo Mughal

    SMMA Advice needed plz.

    Hi everybody, hope you are well in these tough times. I am researching how to set up my SMMA in my home city in the UK, as a sole trader and sort of nervous about taxes and business expenses. I'd appreciate your kind advice as you know what you are doing. It's something that I want to get a decent understanding of to feel more comfortable as it's worrying me somewhat, then move on to learn the skills, make a business plan and start reaching out to clients after I research more on my niche.

    1- What is the difference between a sole trader and a Ltd company?

    2- If someone is a sole trader then what are classed as business expenses?

    3- Do we keep all receipts and make sure we only make all transactions to do with our business with our business card then after all expenses we are allowed a certain profit before we are taxed?

    4- Is buying a good new laptop with its bag and insurance a business expense?

    5- Getting a car to travel and meet clients? Is it covered by way of the 45p per mile rule up to 10,000 miles or can a person the 1st year just buy it then claim for its cost and insurance and road tax and fuel costs for visiting clients? And is a person limited to the type of car they can get?

    6- Can we lease a car on the business?

    7- Is the cost of having a virtual office for a year a business expense even if we actually work from home?

    8- What about software used in the business itself to reach clients, make Facebook Ads and to help with the whole work flow process?

    9- What about a brand new phone contract with unlimited calls/texts and data and insurance to use only for business?

    10- Business cards and advertising and a website with SEO, domain name and hosting for the business itself?

    11- Maybe 4 or 5 nice sets of smart clothes for client meetings?

    12- Hotel, travel and food costs to meet clients in other cities?

    13- The costs of paying for attending training for the skills needed in the business including hotel, food and travel expenses if out of the city?

    14- Then the cost of my own living costs such as the rent of my flat/apartment and bills and food?

    15- What about paying for a business card if need be as some have fees involved?

    16- Accountant fees?

    17- Is Advertising for my agency to reach clients classed as business expenses?

    18-If we get a business loan, then we pay it back monthly, is that part of business expenses?

    19- How about the WIFI we pay for that we use for our work at home?

    20- And lastly, how about paying for outsourcing some of the work from abroad or getting some of the services by way of partnering with another agency for white label services? Does that all fall under business expenses?

    How does this all work? As I’m sort of nervous and confused before starting my own SMMA? I want to understand this somewhat then move on from it without having to worry anymore.

    Thank you.

  3. Hunter Gilmore

    When it comes to pricing for Facebook ads do you include ad spend or is that separate?

  4. JakeFlowz

    Starting my own marketing business. Thanks for your awesome videos! Have a checklist of tons of your videos on it, actively checking off! Much love.

  5. BOSS Futbal

    Hey can I work with you in any one business please i never earned!!!! Please can you allow to join your any one business???

  6. manoj prajapati

    Hindi language

  7. Jim C

    At 1:26 'you can see she's got her fb pixel all there' – how can you tell?

  8. Matt Dougherty

    Jason what is the best way to get in contact with you?

  9. Stephen Hoelscher

    hey jason what screen recorder are you using?

  10. Gameljc

    How do you target people that already opted in but haven't scheduled an appointment?

    Great video!


    Jason, I like your videos and your style. I purchased a digital marketing plat form from Terry Wilson in December, and I am still trying to figure it out. I didn't see a contact page for you on your site. I would like to talk to you about your system and especially your knowledge of FB ads. Let me know where I can contact you. Thanks.

  12. Meek Rodriguez

    I love your videos

  13. Meek Rodriguez

    Hi Jason

  14. Michael Hall

    Love it! I liked this stye of video


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