The Best Ecommerce Platform in 2019

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The Best Ecommerce Platform in 2019

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In this video, I will share with you the different advantages and disadvantages of the top 12 ecommerce platforms to guide you which one would best fit your business.

SHOPIFY – This is the most popular platform for successful ecommerce entrepreneurs. This was built from the ground up with ecommerce in mind, unlike others where ecommerce is added as an afterthought.
Other Pros: It has a 14-day free trial. There are also many useful apps and plugins available.
Cons: It is more expensive compared to other platforms. It is around $29/month.

BIG COMMERCE – This is similar to Shopify but with lesser features and integrations.
Pros: It has built-in features that Shopify may not have.
Cons: It is also expensive. Price is more or less the same with Shopify.

BIG CARTEL – This is a good option for those with few products like artists, craftsmen, and other creative people.
Other Pros: Free plan is available if you have 5 products or less. It is also easy to create a simple store.
Cons: There is not enough features and integrations for serious ecommerce entrepreneurs. Not ideal for those who would like to make ecommerce as the main livelihood.

VOLUSION – This is the ecommerce platform that I used for my first company, BDancewear. It has a lot of good built-in features which you have to pay for in Shopify.
Other Pros: It supports multiple SKUs and color swatches.
Cons: I’ve experienced some dubious practices with this platform like jacking up our prices without us knowing. We’ve had some issues with the “Add To Cart” button as well.

SQUARESPACE – One of the ecommerce platforms that has recently been getting a lot of hype.
Pros: This is made for people who want a beautiful website. It is also easy to use.
Cons: This is not ideal for ecommerce. It is good for those who would want to sell products on the side, but not as the main focus of the site.

MAGENTO – This platform used to be very popular because it is highly customizable. With this, however, comes the need to hire a web designer.
Pros: You can have it customized to suit your taste.
Cons: More money will be spent to customize the website.

GODADDY – This is not meant for ecommerce. If you want to buy a domain name, then this is the site for you.

WIX – This is the same with GoDaddy. It is great for creating a website but not for ecommerce. This was not built for ecommerce as the main function.

WOO COMMERCE – This is the next most talked about ecommerce platform. The reason for this is that it’s free. Users tend to gravitate towards it because of this.
Other Pros: It has the most number of users, making it the most popular platform. It also has lots of plugins and add-ons available. Some are already coded in so you do not have to spend on hiring a designer.
Cons: You have to pay for some company to host your site. It is also not easy to use especially if you do not have the technical ability (e.g. knowledge of HTML and CSS). There is also a greater chance of encountering issues and risks like your account being hacked. It is also not entirely free as you may need to pay for some of the features that you want.

AMAZON, EBAY, and ETSY – The pros and cons of these three platforms are similar to each other.
Pros: It is easier to get started on these platforms than creating your own website.
Cons: You don’t own the customers and you can get kicked off anytime. They also charge high fees.


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  1. Travis Marziani

    Did I miss an Ecommerce Platform that you are using? Please Let me know in the Comments Section.

  2. vjubin1

    If i am building a marketplace for Chef's or any such professionals which would be a better e-commerce platform?

  3. John C

    Where is OpenCart and Textalk ?

  4. Deokant Mishra

    I want to sell herbal products. which e commerce is the best sutable for me


    How bout commerceHQ?

  6. Khalil's Classroom

    What do you think about Shopify Lite Plan (for facebook) ? Thank you

  7. Dawn Gaston

    I have a storefront selling vintage clothing.  I use Square POS.  Square owns Weebly and now has a Square Online store platform.  How does this measure up to Shopify?

  8. Becoming Your Own Bartender

    How’s the customer service on Shopify?

  9. LevoGaming

    Is there a way I can get in contact with you Travis?

  10. Rishabh Choudhary

    hello I am trying to sell jewelry products . what platform would you recommend

    Thank you

  11. StorePoint POS Software

    Definatalety selling Shopify here.

  12. Trâm Ngọc

    What about ShopBase?! It's a flatform optimized for Dropshipping, POD, and white label. For me, it's so easy to create a dropshipping website!

  13. shubham nagar

    Magento is for big businesses you may start with shopify but if you grow big you will be switching to Magento or your custom platform…

  14. Rybackz

    Stopped watching when he said apple is more expensive but worth the bucks and reliable…

  15. Asif Majid

    What are peoples views in CommerceHQ?

  16. arslans blog

    why i cant skip this ad

  17. Caleb Duke

    Great review 👍🏻

  18. Daniel Sousa

    I'll stick with zencart.

  19. ShawnGarroneMusic

    Thank you very much Travis for the Information, We are looking to create a website for our new Merch store and almost went with BigCommerce, but it seems like I should also take a look at Shopify!


    i love free free freedom
    in my opinion the best eCommerce

  21. mujhaidatd

    Can we have a conversation one on one please I am new I want to start but no ideas

  22. Dane Lisslow

    how do we ge tin touc for the 30 minute session,

  23. Mei Christell

    Thank you for your video and I signed up via your link!

  24. Phi Phan

    The biggest cons for Shopify is its scalability dude… don't be so biased. And that is why medium to large businesses go with Magneto. And using a hosting service has its advantage – you trully own your business!

  25. Graeme Thomas

    E commerce hq

  26. AsianZooeyDeschanel

    Oof. Shopify isn't exactly as great as it's being described here.
    When trying to use Shopify with a local downtown business with a large inventory (over 10,000 items) it has been nothing but un-intuitive and a web of a mess to untangle when editing an existing site. Editing the look of the online website is not a very user friendly experience and does not make immediate sense in terms of lay-out or structure.

    Additionally, Shopify has its own coding system "Shopify Liquid" which may appear neat but is really just a hassle when trying to just get something small done. Online forums don't help with this coding and often direct you to the option of "hiring someone to make changes to your Shopify theme" which – at this point you've already spent enough money on the platform itself so why would you want to do this?

    Lastly, Shopify does not have any drag and drop methods for website design and there are some elements on themes that you cannot get rid of unless you do some coding. In editing the look of the site Shopify is a pretty big hassle.

  27. Hybrid InfoDesk

    He is lying Shopify is totally unreliable. The app and website dont consistently work.

    The app is a real piece of crap. Absolutely useless. What the hell do you do when your customers try and go to your store and the app nor the website is working? It's a hit or miss. And transactions go nowhere.

    I made one and you get the message you did the transaction but the rest is lost in web space. Called the company they gave me bs working on servers nonsense. At 3:00pm who does that? It was bs, it's just crappie.

  28. Hybrid InfoDesk

    Shopify is a piece of crap. The app barely functioned. Limited to one browser and insanity based error messages. Only thing worse was the website on a laptop or desktop. Every click resulted in a 404. Page not found. Tried to order a domain and pay for it. Transaction too nowhere. Had to contact their customer aggravation department. Finally walked. Shopify is a serious business liability for someone trying too make money. If it's this bad now, think about the holiday season.

    Plus, actual business owners complaining about the crappie uptime.

  29. Rockin D Beard

    Got Shopify but wish they would lower the fees.

  30. Brian Nyagaka

    So helpful…thank you

  31. Raymondo Awesome

    The type of eCommerce platform depends entirely on your business objectives. Woocommerce in the hands of a descent developer suits many scenarios better than shopify (its much more customizable and feature rich) but you need to know what you are doing. Shopify suits a certain demographic but is not great for someone who wants to modify the structure (you can – but be prepared to PAY and you will and you loose many of the maintenance advantages) . Magneto is great for larger stores – like computer shops – where there are thousands of parts requiring the ability to hook into accounting/stock take systems but needs developer skillsets. If you have a serious business – you really need professional advice in this area to choose the right platform to start with. Each platform has their strength and the wrong decision can cost significantly down the road.

  32. Kiara Challise

    Hey! Thanks for your video. Do you think it’s best to use a website from the very beginning? Or should you wait until traffic starts to build? I’m just getting started and am correctly having someone design my logo. So far, I have been taking orders personally.

  33. george56

    ALWAYS use two different platforms for e-commerce, NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket, you will regret it if you do.

  34. AList Closet

    Soooooo you work for Shopify. And $12 a month Square Space is not the same price as the $29 Shopify.

  35. EVILrpm

    Main difference . That shopify is shopymafia whitch same like ebay or paypal can screw your business and steal your money.. this is mafia..








  37. Erco Hanneli

    @Travis Mariani #Travis Mariani
    Please clarify in regard of shopify package 29$ is best with enough integrated or built-in features ( cart, shipping, payment gateway) for beginners , who have below limited products at starting ..

  38. Erco Hanneli

    I'm surprised you've missed " prestashop " e commerce platform.

  39. Bar Offer

    Hi, my wife designs woman clothes and make it by herself (so there's one piece of each – it's not a mass production). till now she only sold it in stores, and now we want to start sell online too. I was thinking to open an Etsy store and now I think maybe Shopify should be good too (advertise it in Facebook). Can you give an estimate about the cost of advertising (Etsy VS Sopify) because I believe this would be the biggest difference between the two of them ?

  40. Ben Howard

    Which would you use for a subscription-based business? Is the answer the same for software and physical goods.

  41. Sarath Kumar

    Woo commerce vs shopify… Woo commerce wins buddy 😂 funny guy

  42. vevo word

    i think FREESHOPY should be the second one

  43. ThePanamanianMike

    What about click funnel?

  44. Andy Jacobs

    Squarespace sponsors literally everything so you also have to consider how much of the service is just paying for marketing

  45. J.R. Fisher Training

    Love your videos. You go into great detail. I've been doing eCommerce for 10 years and it's refreshing to hear honest training that helps people out. Cheers, keep it up!

  46. Jorge Mora

    Hey I'm trying to sell hair products..what platform would u recommend? Thanks

  47. Alex M

    Hi, what would you suggest for a luxury watches microbrand? For instance, in the beginning I should have one watch in 2-3 colors on preorder and then add the other watches. So not a lot of products but high quality and expensive. I will appreciate you suggestions, thanks!

  48. maegan holloway

    I’m looking for a website that i can add a retail and a wholesale option for. Does Shopify
    Allow this and is it easy to maneuver?

  49. Garry B

    Great information, however I can we hook up for the 30min one on one?Thanks


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