Why You Should Consider Moving to the Southern US

Why You Should Consider Moving to the Southern US

While you might not immediately think of moving to a southern state in the United States, real estate agents are seeing quite the uptick in new residents. Specifically, real estate agents and brokers in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee are noticing a lot of new home buyers moving from western states like California, Oregon and Arizona.

What Is the Cause for the Change?

According to Sarasota luxury real estate experts The Lynne Koy Group, the recent surge is due to a lot of employed individuals reaching the age of retirement and deciding to relocate.

“Most of our newest buyers have come out of California. We understand California is expensive and when these clients decide it’s time to retire, they choose to spend the rest of their days in sunny Florida. We’re a bit biased, but we believe we have better beaches here in Florida compared to California!”

One important thing to note from this expert is the observation about western states being more expensive to live in. This has been a long-running trend that has unfortunately forced a lot of residents to move outside of California, Oregon and Washington.

Home Prices Have Skyrocketed

The average home price in California has risen more than 20% in the last two years while average salaries have not. For this reason, residents have run into foreclosures, have had to sell their homes and have moved to other states. In fact, Texas is seeing more migrants from California than ever before due solely to the rising home prices. Additionally, California’ homeowners continue to see higher taxes compared to other states.

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The Case for the South

As more people migrate from the west, they are finding home in southern states. For those looking to move, here are a few things to consider about living in states like Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

A Much More Relaxed Environment

From freeways to grocery store lines, things are a bit more relaxed in the south. Likewise, new migrants will quickly find things are less crowded. If you’re used to being stuck on the freeway on your morning commute, you can say goodbye to that living in the southern US. Of course, major metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Nashville are still busy, but in general it’s a lot more relaxed.

The People

This area of the country is well known for its hospitality. Your neighbor quickly becomes a friend and those in your community quickly become close to you. Someone is always will to help out with anything you need and you’ll find everyone is much nicer. It could be due to the relaxed environment, the great food or the lifestyle of the south. In any case, you’ll love the people.

Costs of Living

If you are someone migrating from the west, you will absolutely love the drastic change in cost of living by living in one of these states. According to one Knoxville real estate agent, most homebuyers see a drop of 15% or more in their average costs. From groceries to gas to entertainment, the south is a very cost-friendly area to live in.

Final Thoughts

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at various resources online and consider taking a trip to a southern state to see if it is a good fit for you. Whether you are retiring or just looking for a new lifestyle, you’ll be sure to find great options in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

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