Business Leaders: Avoid Global Business Leader Magazine

Global Business Leaders Mag is a Scam

Business Leaders: Avoid Global Business Leader Magazine

As a business leader, have you been contacted by a company called Global Business Leader Mag? This company claims to offer an award in its publication for the cost of $2,500. The company claims to be based in Atlanta, but has a handful of red flags.

Global Business Leader Mag Is a Scam

First, a gentleman named Mark Linn will contact you claiming you have been selected as one of the up and coming businesses in your field. Due to your success, you can be featured on the company’s website and its print magazine for $2,500. Sounds great, but quick research into this scam shows it is all fake.

Publication on Twitter

As part of the $2,500 fee, your business will be featured in a Tweet from the magazine. However, the Twitter profile has less than 1,000 followers and 90% of them are fake.

Publication on Facebook

Just like Twitter, the magazine has a Facebook profile that is filled with fake users and likes. For $2,500, you will have a Facebook spotlight to these fake users.

Publication on LinkedIn

Next up, your business can be featured in a post on LinkedIn. While the company’s LinkedIn profile boasts just over 1,000 users, there is not a single individual tied to the business profile. Normally, when you look at a business’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice a CEO, CFO, staff, etc. This is a major red flag and answer to the question, is Global Buinsess Leader Mag a Scam? 

Where Is Global Business Leader Mag Actually From?

Although the business claims to be from Atlanta, it’s actually operated out of India. Those who have been contacted by phone indicate it’s yet another scam based out of India as the company’s staff all carry thick accents. Another user on Quora also confirmed Global Business Leader Mag is from India.

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Should You Work with this Company?

Web Biz Trends can only provide information about scams happening online and offline. We would advise you not to work with Global Business Leader Mag and to not spend $2,500 for its fake services.

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